Monday, April 15, 2013

2 Film HollyWood Terbaru | Internet Movie Database adalah sebuah website informasi perfilman yang tersedia di internet yang memiliki banyak sekali koleksi filmnya. Situs ini terdiri banyak sekali berita terkait movie selebrities dan juga siaran Televisi. Ingin mengetahui daftar film terbaik yang  masuk dalam daftar box office atau Top of Movie anda bisa melihatnya di

Internet Movie Database menyampaikan Sinopsis film terbaru yang bakal tayang dalam waktu dekat ini.

Film Pain & Gain (2013)

Our main question would be for Michael Bay, and it would be: when was the last time you directed from an actual-real screenplay? This absurdist premise feels as though it could have sprung out from the Coen Bros. fully formed, but in fact it's a true story adapted by the writing team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who have graduated from the crusty Narnia franchise and retooled themselves as Marvel specialists.

Sinopsis Film MUD

The Buzz: Since Matthew McConaughey suddenly is every critic's favor actor, look for his starring role to help make the new film from Jeff Nichols (whose last work, Take Shelter, really caught me on a second viewing) his highest-profile outing yet. We're thoroughly anticipating the boy-adventure and its similarities to David Gordon Green's early work. Hopefully Reese Witherspoon will emerge with some much-needed cool factor, too.

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